Plennie L. Wingo

In 1970 and 80’s I took many cycling trips, fully loaded, panniers, the whole bit. A friend, Rob Savre, just ran across these photos and scanned them. They are of the two of us riding to San Diego, and along the way we ran into Plennie L. Wingo. He was the self-proclaimed world backward walking champion.
“Plennie Lawrence Wingo (January 24, 1895 – October 2, 1993) walked backwards from Santa Monica, California to Istanbul, Turkey (about 13,000 km/8,000 miles) from April 15, 1931 to October 24, 1932 at the age of 36. He documented his voyage in the book Around the world backwards.”
I guess he was still doing it 52 years later. Pretty darn cool I think. This was along highway 101 somewhere on California’s central coat.
scot rob savre