20th SF Hill Ride

For twenty years, a group of random Bay Area cycling folk have been meeting for a ride up the steepest hills in San Francisco. Last Sunday Nov 11 was the 20th version, and there were 20 hills over 20%. 20/20/20. Gorgeous day in the city, PERFECT day on the bike…enjoy. Click on the images to get a bigger visual.

We gathered at the Marina Green.

Headed up some steep hills

This one is Divisadero

Rode on sidewalks

Oof, that was hard.

Broderick sidewalk, next to the Levi mansion. Nice of Don Cook from the mountain bike Hall of Fame in Crested Butte to join me on this ride.

Ouch, not as steep looking as it really is.

This is the Broderick sidewalk, too steep to put a street there.

Over to Octavia on the way to Russian Hill

Had to do Lombard

Beauty day in the city.

The most famous street in SF

Don Cook, happy days.

Next, over to Filbert, the ‘official’ steepest street. Something like 35%. We went up the wrong way, it’s a one way down…

made it!

And just because it was there, we went up here.

horizontal this time.

Another Bridge…


What a beautiful city.

Coit tower view

This is an extra credit loop.

Don Cook getting it done.

Kearny Street extra credit

Taking a break in Washington Square

Went next to the pyramids.

Then we joined in the Veteran’s Day parade

A jaunt through the Mission.

Where we got burritos and then ate them in Dolores Park.

And immediately went up the longest hill of the day. Hill Street.

Then down Sanchez.

And up again…29th street

top of 29th


Mt Davidson

Clear day.

On the way up to Twin Peaks

Alternative way up to Twin Peaks

At the end of the day, we all rode back to that nice body of water off in the distance.