Welcome to chuckibis.com. Chuck Ibis is your connection to the Ibises of new and old. Connection to good old Ibis by providing decals for your venerable but maybe threadbare Mojo or other Ibis steed. Connection to new by hosting a soapbox for Chuck, lovingly called Chuckspew (don’t like the word blog). This site is administered by Scot Nicol (also known as Chuck Ibis), founder of Ibis Cycles back in 1981. Chuck/Scot is also one of the honch’s at the new Ibis.

The main purpose of this site is to supply all of you loyal Ibis owners with decals for your vintage and not so vintage Ibis bikes. That’s right, I have a huge stash of New Old Stock decals for Pre-2002 Ibis Bicycles. These decals come straight from the decal guru/manufacturer, and have been properly stored to assure they’re fresh as new. The other purpose of this site is to enable me to spew forth at my will desire all things Ibis (or whatever) without waiting for the website to be updated.

Be sure to check out what we’re up to these days: www.ibiscycles.com

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Shipping is a simple flat rate of $5.00 per order.
Shipping is $15.00 for an international order.
Also, please note that I travel quite a bit and won't always be able to ship promptly. It could take weeks sometimes if I'm on a long trip. The decal superstore is a one man show, so please have patience. Thanks!

How to Use This Site:

There are nearly 90 types of decals represented here. Styles from the very beginning to the 2002 year are represented. Even so, not all Ibis decals ever made are represented. I am attempting to have decals from as many bikes and years as possible. If there is something that you want which is not here, write me an email and I'll see what I can do to source them for you.

I am attempting to keep prices low and the site very simple. Payments are usually arranged through PayPal. You can use your credit card or debit card or if you want to make it really complicated do a bank transfer. If you want to make it really complicated, you can send me a check in the mail, but frankly, that's a pain in the neck for both of us. You have to wait for the check to clear before your decals are sent; I have to make a trip to the bank and then follow-up to see if the check has cleared. If you're savvy enough to use a computer to navigate to this site, you're savvy enough to use the secure PayPal shopping cart feature. If for some reason you hate PayPal, there's the check option mentioned above, or I suppose you could also send cash in the mail. I guess this will be one way to find out if my new mailman is honest or not. There's another possibility for payment too: make me an offer I can't refuse. Let's say you have a '61 Jaboulet la Chapelle that's gathering dust. I can relieve you of the burden of storing it.

I am accepting orders via the website only (unless you make me an offer I can't refuse). This is an easier way for me to keep track of the transactions and my inventory is updated automatically. In other words, no phone orders please.